Introducing Bushtec creations

We design and manufacture cost-effective tented camps for deployment worldwide


A leader in authentic, innovative and award-winning custom lodge design

Bushtec Creations is a specialised division of the Canvas and Tent group, a tent manufacturer located in South Africa. It’s been over 50 years since the group first began manufacturing outstanding quality tents. Today, we are a world leader in conceptualising, designing, building and maintaining world-class tented camps and lodges, including full turnkey solutions for the luxury glamping market. Whereas our sister company Bushtec Safari handles the creation of single luxury canvas tents, Bushtec Creations delivers a full turnkey solution.

The range of exclusive tent designs we manufacture, deploy and maintain includes the following.

  • Off-plan and customised tented lodges and camps.
  • Luxury tented lodge designs.
  • Turnkey solutions for the glamping and resort market.

For us, no destination is too remote, no idea too bold, no challenge too big

We know that today’s world travellers seek tented destinations and places that offer authentic and personalised experiences. It’s no longer a case of ‘getting away’ but ‘going to’. Aligned to this experiential travel market growth, Bushtec Creations is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of unique and innovative tented camp designs on a global scale. For us, no destination is too remote, no idea too bold, no challenge too big.

We work closely with you or your architect throughout the design and manufacture processes, to ensure the common vision of the investor and owner is realised.

If you can imagine it, we will create it.

Exclusive Tent Design Concepts

The start of something special

The creation of a unique and highly marketable tented camp requires collaboration between the investor, architect and designer. Our award-winning in-house team works closely with all parties – the owner, the investor and the architect – at every stage of the development process, to bring a vision to life.

Award-Winning Tented Camp Design

Unique, bespoke creations

We approach each new design of a tented camp with a fresh eye. Our initial consultation with the investor, owner and architect gives us a sense of the owner’s vision and what the design team has in mind. From there, it’s back to the drawing board to create electronic mood boards, special layouts and 3D renderings of our design concept.

Turnkey Tent Solutions

Wherever you are - we deliver

For Bushtec Creations, no location is too remote. Our integrated turnkey solutions have ensured that we’ve created exceptional tented camp destinations, from start to finish, on every kind of terrain – land, desert, mountains or water – across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.

Quality & Care in the Manufacturing

Committed to excellence. Made to last.

The materials we use are tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We guarantee our workmanship and we offer warranties on various products and parts. We can also provide regular on-site inspections and a maintenance service, and we can train your staff in vital maintenance procedures.

Unique tented camp portfolio

Unforgettable escapes across the globe

Together with our sister brand Bushtec Safari, we’ve designed and built luxurious tented destinations for our clients, featuring sophisticated accommodation that is comparable to 5-star hotels, intimate dining areas, charming private balconies, wildly exhilarating outdoor bathrooms, world-class conferencing and banqueting facilities, and sensational relaxation areas.