Design and manufacturing standards that

Deliver World-Class

Luxury Tented Camps

Bushtec Creations Concepts

We achieve the exceptional through close collaboration with the owner and the architect.

If you want to create the epitome of a luxury tented turnkey lodge, Bushtec Creations welcomes your enquiry.

Pre-Consult Research

We believe in being prepared and thoroughly research our clients and their intended camp location prior to the initial consult. This gives us a sense of what we are working with, potential difficulties the location may pose, and natural materials from the surrounding area that could be used or showcased in the creation of our design.

A Creative Partnership

Collaboration is essential to delivering an outstanding concept design. Our sales manager and award-winning design and engineering team are typically present at the first consult where we take the opportunity to listen to the wants and needs of the owner and architect, before suggesting an idea. And we use our site inspection to draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and to inform our initial designs.

Our Approach

We prefer to keep the manufacturing phase of our tented solutions in-house so that we can guarantee the workmanship and reliability of our artisans and contractors, and avoid unnecessary delays. Having said this, we recognise that the client or architect may already have trusted contractors. Our approach is therefore a collaborative and creative partnership that will fulfil, if not exceed, all of the project’s objectives and the vision of the owner and architect. We also have our own architect on staff, who is always available to assist.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

We are aware that 90% of the areas in which we work are environmentally sensitive. Our concepts are mindful of the environmental impact that a tented camp layout poses and that construction and installation phases need to have the least possible environmental impact. Materials used must be both environmentally friendly and robust enough to withstand the elements. And so, we continually experiment with new designs, materials and energy technologies to ensure that our camps and products meet all these criteria.

Camp Walk-Through

We enjoy hosting clients at the Canvas and Tent group offices in Centurion (Gauteng) as this gives us a chance to take the owner and/or architect on a real-world tour through our gallery of on-site luxury camps. This gives a tangible sense of the size and diversity of our designs, the quality of the materials and manufacturing processes and the endless possibilities open to the owner and architect. If you or your architect are unable to visit us for a walk-through, we’d be happy to arrange a Skype consultation at your earliest convenience.

Post Consult

Once we’ve met with you and your architect, our team will commence with a desktop study, followed by a concept design, before embarking on the detailed design and development phases. When you are satisfied that our concept designs meet your requirements, we will pitch our offer.