Your vision for a

Unique Tented Camp

brought to life

Bushtec Creations Designs

We create luxury tented getaways that excite owners and architects.

After we’ve met with you and have a clearer sense of what you both envision for your luxury tent destination, the fun can begin. Before the design phase begins in earnest, our award-winning design and engineering team will workshop the next steps. Here’s what you can expect from each stage of this exciting journey.

Site Inspection

Although we use Google’s aerial photography of the intended camp site, these images don’t do justice to a location. We need a site inspection to see it for ourselves. It’s about igniting and exciting all the senses – both ours and those of your future guests.

We fully explore the intended camp area and its surroundings and assess the topography to find the very best location for each camp element. We physically and emotionally live the experience of being there – all of which form, and inform the design concept. Much of our design inspiration is drawn from the local culture, fauna and flora and, where possible, we do our best to effortlessly integrate our creations into the natural environment.


At Bushtec Creations, each design captures the unique essence of the location and the vision of the client. Our interiors and exteriors reflect the client’s distinct personality, and the local culture and surrounding landscape. While we do inform you of trending designs, this doesn’t necessarily dictate what we create for you. Nor do we ever replicate recognisable styles.

Our goal is to create a tented solution wholly unique to you; something that your guests will reminisce about for years to come. And while we honour and try to incorporate your vision for the camp, we also want to surprise and delight you with something unexpected.

Concept Presentation

Our goal is to excite and inspire you. To do this, we create lifelike interior and exterior designs. Our design concept presentation will include various computer software renditions and simulations, including 2D layouts, electronic and hard-copy mood boards, as well as 3D renders and videos.

Our mood boards comprise a carefully curated collection of tailor-made furniture designs, light fittings and textiles. Spatial layouts are created to showcase the positioning of décor. The lifelike 3D renders walk you through the camp as if you were a guest. We believe that all these elements are essential before embarking on the manufacturing and construction phase of the project.