Our tented lodges are

Built To Last

Bushtec Creations Construction

That moment when we break ground and put into effect months of planning and consultation.

Our fully integrated turnkey tented camp solutions are tailor-made to your operational requirements. From camp planning to design, site preparation, construction and installation, project management, tent manufacture, flooring and decking, back-of-house solutions, maintenance, power generation and distribution solutions, water purification, sewage treatment, storage and reticulation, training, transport and logistics, and interior solutions – we handle it all.

For the smoothest build you’ve ever undertaken, speak to Bushtec Creations.

Our Construction Team

Where possible on our builds, we utilise local talent, supervised by skilled project managers. This helps keep costs down, particularly on international builds. We’ll up-skill men and women from nearby villages in the art of decking, bricklaying, installation and so much more. These teams are monitored closely to ensure that the workmanship is of the highest standard. We never compromise on quality to save costs.

On project completion, we can supply a reference letter to each worker detailing the skills they have learned, and they get to keep the tools or equipment for future use where applicable. This is our way of creating employment, promoting sustainability and giving back to the community.

On-Site Project Manager

A Bushtec Creations project manager is part of our on-site build team. This ensures that we can swiftly deal with any problems should they arise. It also guarantees that we stay on track and avoid unnecessary project delays. The project manager is in touch with the owner and architect at all stages of the build.

Senior management will also make trips to the site to personally inspect the progress of a build and ensure that the owner and his architect are happy with the construction phase.

Installation Team

Our expert installation team has over 30 years’ experience in installing unique and sophisticated tent interiors for local and international clients. As the interior installation process can only take place once construction is complete, our team has mastered the art of working under pressure to get the job done. The quicker our installations go up, the quicker the owner can open for business.

Sourcing Materials

The sustainability of a build is at the heart of what we do. As a result, we strive to source many of the materials and resources locally wherever possible. By doing so, we reduce transportation and importation costs. Materials that can’t be acquired on-site are delivered via truck, boat or plane. We are aware that damage to camp materials can occur during transport. To minimise this we adhere to strict packing procedures, crating methods and secure on-site storage.