Our Moroccan tented cabin design is inspired by Moroccan décor which is timeless, bold, comfortable and unique. It boasts an aesthetic that has African, Persian and European influences. This allows for the traditional Moroccan decorating style to be beautiful, ornate and warm. The colours are rich, ranging from blue and green to orange, red and gold. The bigger furniture pieces are traditionally quite simple and low-set while some pieces such as tables and poufs can be decorated quite intricately.

We developed our interior design around these ideas and it manifested itself throughout the entire design to create a Moroccan look and feel that is integrated beautifully between the structural and decorative elements of the tent.

Rich textures and patterns enrich the Moroccan interior design making it look ornate and sophisticated. Elaborate throw pillows made from luxurious fabrics are some of the key accessories. Perforated lanterns and lamps give subdued light to add a sense of mystery to this truly beautiful and elegant décor.

The structural basis of the tent is made up from a column and beam steel structure with Light Steel Frame (LSF) inlay panels that are cladded in canvas. Instead of hiding the structure, it is celebrated by turning connection details into featured elements. This is achieved by means of adding lamps on the outriggers for example as well as beautifully elaborate copper end caps.