Our goal is to extend the life of your investment by implementing regular inspections and maintenance. Despite the rigorous quality standards which we adhere to when manufacturing our tents, we still need to deliver on our mantra: “Designed to Impress. Built to Last”.

While our materials are manufactured according to the most exacting quality and climatic durability standards, over time exposure to the elements will take its toll. To conserve the aesthetic appearance of your tented accommodation and extend the lifespan and return on investment, we offer regular on-site inspections and a maintenance service.
If you’d prefer to do it yourself, we can provide maintenance training for your camp managers and staff members, so they can extend the lifespan of your tented accommodation.



A dedicated company representative will visit the lodge / camp / resort and do a visual inspection with the client and do the necessary fault finding. The company representative will then explain and assist the client with all changes and services to be supplied. Below are the items that will typically be looked at.


  • Shadenet removal and cleaning.
  • Re-sew all joins on the Shadenet utilizing the new UV Treated cotton.
  • Replacing or repairing any damaged panels.
  • Removal of old 50mm webbing and eyelets, replacing with new webbing and eyelets and also re-inforce all corners.
  • Replacement of all chains on the Shadenet.
  • Inspection of all apex fittings.
  • Re-installation.


  • Removal of flysheet and cleaning.
  • Repairing all damage on flysheet by means of chemically formulated PVC glue specifically designed for use on PVC.
  • If flysheet is manufactured in Canvas material, we will then reproof (paint) the flysheet again as this will assist with the lifespan of the flysheet and help with waterproofing. All seams to be re–sewn and re-enforced where required.
  • Removal of old webbing and eyelets and replacing with new webbing and eyelets.
  • Replacement of all chains on flysheet.
  • Inspection of all apex fittings.
  • Re-installation.


  • Replacement of any damaged frame poles or parts as assessed with site visit.
  • Re-fitting or fitting of Tec screws to frames.
  • Inspection and alteration of frame fixture to ringbeam structures where required.
  • Structural integrity inspected and reported to client.
  • Re-tensioning or supply of bracing kits where required.
  • Cleaning and re-painting certain areas on frame where needed.
  • Rust treatment.


  • Replacement of all Velcro on inner windows, using UV treated Velcro and cotton.
  • Replacement of Shadenet windows.
  • Replacing all zips for outer storm flaps and repair / replacement of outer storm flaps and tie backs where required.
  • Removal of old mudflance and replacing with new mudflance.
  • Repairing unit where required or full panel replacement of unit when major damage is visible.
  • After full repair / alteration of the unit/s, we will be able to re-proof (paint) the inner and outer of the tent body; this will extend the life of the unit and give the unit a “brand new look”.
  • Replacement of all old chains and upgrade to webbing straps where applicable. All hardware on unit to be replaced after inspection and quote accepted by client for replacement parts.
  • All canvas style entrance door zips to be replaced, including the replacement of the Velcro sewed onto the tented unit.
  • Re-sealing of the tent when re-installing to ensure water and dust resistance.


  • Removal of inner liner and curtains for specified cleaning. The crew will determine the method due to the nature of the liner and curtain materials.
  • Repairs to liners where required or panel replacement of liners due to excessive stains.
  • Complete replacement of liners and adjustments to comply with the client’s request regarding the look and feel.


  • Removal of standard Canvas doors for example Serengeti doors and install single or double hard doors, all in Meranti or Aluminium.
  • Door inserts can be glass or canvas roll up panels. We supply all fittings required and install the doors with the finishing thereof. 
  • Refastening of tents to the deck / slabs.
  • Re-adjustment of hard doors & windows.
  • Treatment of wood cover strips, doors & windows.
  • Treatment, revitalising, re-adjustment and tightening of ringbeams.
  • Treatment / painting / oiling of decking.
  • Testing and servicing of electrical reticulation, internal and external.
  • Maintenance of plumbing, potable, sewerage and camp garden irrigation reticulation (pumps, taps and other fittings), internal and external.
  • Replacement of rotten wood, damaged or missing cover strips.
  • Replacement of rotten or damaged ringbeam sections.
  • Replacement of damaged or rotten decking, sub-structure components.
  • Replacement of electrical components as required, internal and external.
  • Replacement of plumbing fittings and pumps as required.