After the covid pandemic became a reality to millions of people across the globe, many travelers now show more interest, especially in the Outdoor Hospitality, with huge, anticipated growth over the next few years. How can architects seize this opportunity and be part of the growing trend? Finding solutions that can tick all the boxes in terms of architectural masterpieces of luxury, bespoke, durability and low environmental impact can be challenging.

Glamping has become the hottest trend in hospitality worldwide. However, there is a lot more to Glamping than merely the general concept, especially when it comes to tents of the caliber of Bushtec Safari. Bushtec Safari luxury tents offer the best quality materials, various customizing options, beautiful designs, and styles. It’s not only the tents that have proven to be popular, but the experience in its entirety that comes with it. Guests feel more connected to nature when spending their vacation staying in a luxury tent. It also plays a big role in sustainability and contributes to environmental impact, which is important to most travelers globally. In essence, it is clear that luxury tented resorts are the new go-to destinations, offering luxurious and comfortable accommodation as well as unique experiences.

The interest in luxury tents is extremely diverse. They can be used for wedding venues, lodges, campsites, resorts, B&B’s, vacation homes, or even something special for personal use. Opting for tented solutions are quicker, cost-effective, more exciting and more versatile than conventional alternatives.

We are fortunate to be global leaders in the manufacture of luxury tents, having been in the industry for over 5 decades. We have a wide range of standard designs which can all be customized, or we can create custom bespoke designs based on any concept one has in mind. Customizations range from the type of materials used to the size and style of the tent. Bushtec Safari tents are used for various purposes, from accommodation units to main area/entertainment tents, dining tents, reception tents, spa’s and gyms to name a few.

Bushtec Safari tents are designed and manufactured for year-round use to withstand various weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, snow and high winds. The tents are also suitable for different landscapes, whether it be desert, beach, mountain or forest.

Our sister company, Bushtec Creations, creates your full turnkey tented development including all components needed for your camp which includes your tents, foundational structure, which is mostly decking, swimming pools and firepits, water- and electrical reticulation as well as all interiors required to the last detail. With all the experience required, the latest technology and a very passionate team, you can rest assured we will create an investment that you will be proud of!

If you own a piece of land that you want to develop, Bushtec Creations can make that happen for you. We can create your full turnkey tented lodge or resort in accordance to all social distancing requirements, yet it will still be your sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy your freedom.

Let us assist in creating extraordinary experiences with Bushtec Creations.

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