Staying in a bespoke Bushtec Safari luxury tent will offer you all the comfort and luxury that you would expect from a 5-star hotel, whether it’s space, food, interiors, temperature control, king size beds or even luxurious en-suite bathrooms. The benefit of staying in a Bushtec Safari tent is that you feel united with your surrounding and have the opportunity to connect with nature on all levels in the African landscape.

Nkomazi Private Game Reserve, also referred to as the “untamed African experience, surrounded by towering mountains, broad river valleys and impressive grasslands” stretches out over 15 000 hectares and is located south-west of the Kruger National Park.

When Nkomazi Private Game Reserve was geared towards a complete upgrade and redesign, our turnkey brand Bushtec Creations was honoured to assist the owners in turning their vision into a spectacular reality.

Bushtec Creations was tasked to do the full project management of the refurbishment which included the complete installation of the deck and substructure, upgrading the electrical and sewage systems as well as supplying and installing additional new Bushtec Safari luxury tents fitted with new, breath-taking interiors to suit the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of this oasis at the river valley.

The Lodge is situated on the banks of the river, providing guests with a true African glamping experience. The fourteen state-of-the-art Bushtec Safari luxury tents are each furnished with an “Out of Africa” style including all the comforts of luxury accommodation. The tents blend effortlessly into the natural landscape and are linked by walkways throughout the bush.

Guests can experience Nkomazi’s warm hospitality as one enters the airconditioned tented Reception area with an adjacent gift boutique all the way to the grandeur of the 580 m² main area which is wheelchair accessible and fitted with a spacious lounge area, bar facility as well as inside and outside seating overlooking the rumbling Komati River. Guests can unwind at the large Boma area underneath the open sky of a thousand stars, enjoy a relaxing pamper session at the tented Spa or spend their time participating in the numerous activities the lodge has to offer.

Due to the vast upgrade and expansion of the tented lodge, additional staff accommodation was required and a 2-bed house was built using our own BushCad modular building system.

If you are looking for alternatives to traditional building, let us collaborate! Most of our customizable standard luxury tent designs have up to 4-layer roofs designed for climate control. We can offer insulated canvas or cabin style walls cladded with canvas or conventional materials, glass doors and windows can also be installed. We are dedicated supporters of the environment and sustainability, which leads to our flooring structure having minimal impact on the environment. We provide full turnkey services worldwide and no location is too remote.

Let us assist you in turning your dream into reality.

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